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Did you know? Lantern clocks were at one time the most popular clocks..

Lantern clocks, named such for their shape like a lantern, were at one time the most popular clocks available in England and on the Continent. They were the Seth Thomas of wall clocks. Prior to the invention of the pendulum by Christiaan Huygens in 1656, lantern clocks were driven by weights that dropped to the floor. Following Huygens's invention, lantern clocks ceased to exist solely on the wall and soon found themselves on mantels and practically any flat surface.

Take this 19th century lantern clock, driven by a spring mechanism, it retains all the hallmarks of its 17th century cousins with a large chapter ring that extends beyond the square body, a large bell on top with pierced fret work, and ball feet upon which the clock rests. Though no longer very common, this fine example of a lantern clock along with other fine timepieces can be discovered only at Mill House Antiques. More than an ordinary experience.

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