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Formal Dining Tables

Below is a sample of custom made furniture that is available.  Click on images for more details.

Please contact us at 203.263.3446 or with any requests or questions.

Custom English Walnut & Burl Walnut Dining Table


Regency style two-pedestal, two-leaf walnut dining table with burl walnut crossbanding, beaded edge, and walnut apron. Cannon turned single column pedestals with reeded legs ending in brass "paw" toecaps with casters. The two 20" leaves extend the length to 128 inches. Also available in 54" widths as well as three-pedestal with two-leaf configuration.

60" Diameter Pollard Oak Circular Table


In and expert meld of country and formal, this table marries two ideologies and makes them get along.  Segmented pollard, or burled, oak covers the top and is visually anchored by a cross band of rosewood. Supported by a Duncan Phyfe style platform pedestal base, this table is suited for duty in a center hall or dining room.

Double Pedestal Flame Mahogany Table 


Double Pedestal, flame mahogany dining table with satinwood crossbanding, beaded edge, mahogany apron. Cannon turned single column pedestals with reeded legs ending in brass "paw" toecaps with casters. 47" wide*, 88" long. The two 20" leaves extend the length to 128 inches.

60" Diameter Mahogany Table 


This highly functional 60" diameter dining table can seat an intimate party of four, or expand to 102" long (with its two 21" leaves) to seat a gathering of 10. When closed, the radial cut flame mahogany creates a stunning sunburst effect. The double, contrasting banding of yew burl and satinwood do their best to corral visual motion of that grain.

Mahogany and Rosewood Dining Table 


Crafted for us in England by our master cabinetmakers, this traditional table in mahogany with Rosewood crossbanded top starts as a 47" wide by 72" long 6-8 seater. Add the two 24" leaves and 10 people sit quite comfortably, with the possibility of a cozy 12, depending on chair size. The traditional pedestal arrangement allows for flexible seating without the intrusion of corner legs, making this a very versatile dining option.

48" Diameter Mahogany Table with 22" Leaf 


Hand made in England, this beautiful table offers the versatility of a single 22" leaf that allows it to seat up to six people comfortably. With a radial cut, flame mahogany top banded in satinwood and a mahogany apron, it could double as a dining or center hall table. The turned column pedestal has four sweeping legs that terminate in square brass toe caps with brass casters.

William IV Style Dining Table


Hand crafted for us in Cuban mahogany in William IV style, this double pedestal dining table can seat up to 14. Excellent proportions and a superb antique finish define this table. From its thick, fluted edge to the strong, four-leg pedestals, this table sets a fine example of timeless elegance.


Closed, it measures 96" by 54" and each of its two 21" leaves open it to 117" and 138', respectively.  

Mahogany Dining Table


Absolutely stunning, swirled mahogany graces the top of this 2 pedestal, 2 leaf, classically styled dining table. Banded in straight grain mahogany with a delicate stinging of boxwood and ebony and featuring a beaded apron, this table is able to seat 8 to 12 with room to spare. A gentle curve sweeps along the pedestal legs, each terminating in a brass paw toecap and caster.

Walnut Double Pedestal Dining Table 


English Walnut Double Pedestal Dining Table. This richly finished table features a handsomely figured English Walnut top bordered in walnut burl, and it rests in two three-leg, turned column pedestals with brass toe caps and casters. Without the two 24" leaves, this table measures 72" long x 47" wide. The leaves extend the table to 96" and 120 inches.

48" Diameter Mahogany Starburst Table


Created in the style of tables from the 18th century, this circular, mahogany starburst table is supported by a single column pedestal with four splay legs ending in brass toe caps and casters. Banded in satinwood and having a reeded edge, this table will seat four rather comfortably and six in a pinch. The style makes it a great option for a small apartment dining room, or for use as a center hall table in a larger home.

Mahogany Breakfast Table


This oval table, though described as a breakfast table, also is a suitable dining table for a small apartment. It is a pale, honey-toned mahogany with multiple exotic wood bandings, the largest of which is a satinwood band having a hand painted boxwood and blossom garland.  Please inquire about detail photos, as the workmanship on this table is a sight to behold.

Empire Style Circular Mahogany Table 


Swathed in the finest figured mahogany, this 56” diameter table features a bold pedestal comprised of a tapered octagonal column having an ebonized collar and terminating on a platform base with large scroll feet.  The top is cross banded in satinwood, but the apron is mahogany.  With its 28” leaf in place, this table can seat 8 comfortably.

72" Diameter Flame Mahogany Table


72" diameter, flame mahogany sunburst dining table with 18" leaf. Beaded edge, satinwood crossbanding, quad column, Duncan Phyfe style platform pedestal base with splay legs ending in brass toecaps and casters. Seats 10-12, 8 quite comfortably without the leaf, which opens it to an oval, racetrack shape.

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