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Created as an ad proposal, this hand painted proof for Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne is a delightful composition and speaks to the joy normally associated with the bubbly beverage. And the personification of the elf that causes such mischief is an inspired touch.

Artist Proof for Champagne Ad 

Germany. Circa late 18th century.

An oil on canvas portrait of a gentleman holding a philosophy book; probably German. No discernible signature.  

18th Century Portrait of a Gentleman

England. Circa 1820.

Painted in the early 19th century, this couple most likely came from means, as portraits were not an inexpensive proposition back then. They are dressed conservatively, but beyond that it is difficult to surmise their station. Neither painting is signed, but an artist of some skill was able to capture this couple.  

Pair of Portraits 

Circa 1830.

This unsigned portrait of a young noble woman is executed in the style of Renaissance Venetian painter Palma il Vecchio.

Portrait of a Noble Woman  

England. Circa 19th century.

This stern couple peers out at us through unique porthole frames from the period. Painted on canvas, they have been re-stretched onto wood backing and retrofitted to these frames, looking none the worse for the wear--though perhaps it was the move that soured their countenances.

Pair of 19th Century Portraits  

England. Circa early 19th century.

An unsigned, early 19th century oil on canvas portrait of a gentleman in a short jacket--possibly a sea captain; traditional gold frame. 

Portrait of a Gentleman  

Italy. Circa 19th century.

An oil portrait on board of an Italian woman in traditional garb. Framed in oak with gold leaf.

19th Century Portrait of a Woman  

England. 18th century.

This Eighteenth century English School portrait of a gentleman attired in garb befitting an earl is a fine example of aristocratic portraiture, a subject that became increasingly popular during the 18th century as more and more earldoms were handed out like candy in the political currency of the day.  Unfortunately, neither artist nor subject is known to us, a thought that would probably appall both of them.  

English School Portrait of a Gentleman  




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