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Below is a sample of antiques available.  Click on images for more details.

Please contact us at 203.263.3446 or with any requests or questions.

Pair of Brass Wall Sconces

Netherlands. Circa 1910.

Pair of Flemish brass, double-armed wall sconces.

French Gilt Chandelier

France. Circa 1920.

French gilt chandelier suspended from canopy by gilded chains connecting to three swan shaped applique.  Opaque glass bowl features gilt floriate rim and pineapple finial.

English Brass Lantern 

England. Circa 1870.

This solid English brass chandelier with six electrified arms has a visual weight to it that is augmented by its actual weight. Cast in solid brass, it offers the classic design elements associated with chandeliers, such as an urn shape in the post and large globe below. Each of the double curve arms terminates in a thick candle cup and two bobeches.  

Irish, Brass 6 Arm Chandelier

Ireland. Circa 1890.

Clearly, the serpent arms are an indication that this is an Irish chandelier. Dating to the late 19th century, this chandelier has hollow arms and was perhaps lit using gas. It has since been converted to electrical wiring and can be used as such. Each arm is beautifully fashioned in the shape of a writhing serpent, but ever so elegantly furled so as to create a harmonious appearance. This is truly a unique fixture.

Glass Globe Lantern 

England. Circa 1850.

Antique hurricane globe lantern with modern wiring. Outstanding antique glass ripples with swirls and imperfections making this an attractive one-of-a-kind fixture.

English Brass Chandelier

United Kingdom. Circa 1850.

English brass chandelier with ball and looped top above a lobed vase shaped stem.  Six scrolling arms with knobbed centers.  Stem is finished with orbs and a finial.

19th Century Carved French Chandelier

France. Circa 19th century.

Beautiful carved French chandelier

Antique Train Lantern 

England. Circa 1880.

This is an antique tin train lantern that has been converted into a lamp. It is an excellent conversation piece as well as a functional source of light.

English Brass Chandelier 

England. Circa 1890.

Made in heavy cast brass and originally intended for gas use, this eight-arm chandelier has beautifully scrolled arms and a thick, central post displaying not only visual gravity, but actual gravity—this chandelier is heavy!

Silver Plated Cast Bronze Chandelier

England. Circa 1870.

Foliate is the theme here, meaning “to decorate with leaves,” or “decorated with leaves.” Each arm is an acanthus leaf comprising the initial curve and a scroll finishing the end of the arm as the opposing curve, and each of these has an acanthus bobêche beneath an acanthus-ringed candle cup. The central post itself has four different rings of acanthus. Foliate.

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